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December 2, 2017
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Pact Coffee is a startup company that delivers fresh roasts to customer’s door within 24 hours. Their brand promise is to provide the best coffee. However, because they are a startup company, they face a challenge, and the challenge is how to gain awareness through Facebook with minimum cost.

We have found a solution to this. Knowing the real value of Facebook isn’t just your likes or fans, which most businesses focus on their Facebook page. More specifically, they want to know how to get more likes/fans or engagement.

The problem is that they may be missing out on the bigger picture of Facebook. Sure, these things matter, but let’s face it, many of your customers don’t want to like you on Facebook (they just don’t care enough about you) and most of your fans have probably already done business with you.

Think about it, people like things that are interesting and new to them, something that’s fun and interactive. Let’s forget about the likes for a moment and really just focus on using the platform differently.

So yes, being different is our solution.

Since Pact Coffee’s tone of voice has always been friendly, out-going, informal but professional, we should bring more of its fun side to this campaign.

We noticed that, many of our competitors have been using the Facebook differently in which they’d post up interesting content. But what they didn’t do, is by using the platform differently. In able to use the platform to the fullest, we need understand the full features of Facebook.

Using our existing technology! Facebook has always been one of the fastest growing site to update its content, and in recent years they have brought in some exciting features to the platform.

And one of them virtual reality. Instead of creating another usual contest or competition, why don’t we use virtual reality video or photos to boost things up a little?

Perhaps make them feel like they are in the world of it and feel the need to join this exciting yet unique campaign.

We bring in Virtual Reality to our campaign.

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