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October 6, 2017
JaydenART's BB-8
September 30, 2017
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In Memory of Yolanda Chong Wei Ting‘s beloved father; “Chong Thiam Fah“.

(Based partially on a true event) THE STORY:

People say that you can do everything you want if you believe hard enough but the truth is that everything is possible if you have someone to believe in you. Fiona’s dad was an example why the love and support are important in a life of a little star, ready to shine if someone shows her how. Her eager looks at the magazines or TV shows weren’t something he didn’t see and her desire wasn’t something he was trying to deny. The little gift was enough to show her how willing he is to do whatever she needs just to see how her lips are curved in a smile, how her wishes are becoming truth and simply how happy she is.

As a pianist, he composed a piece to show her how supportive he is and to motivate her not to give up; to continue to dance even though she couldn’t speak as a deaf person, she was able to hear his love, his words of encouragement connected in a heavenly melody made just for her. He was always there to help her stand up when the pressure was too hard, but while he was smiling at her, an illness wasn’t smiling at him. A secret… It should stay a secret that’s what he thought; not wanting to worry her but every secret is meant to be found; sadly, in the worst possible way.

An experience made her stronger because of her dad, because of herself she needed to continue, and she did. As the years have passed, she was growing and with her, a desire to make her dad proud who is watching her from the gate of a Heaven. A night before her show, she was dancing on the stage while in her mind was just a gorgeous melody, sending her a message to stay strong, to never lose the battle between her goal and an easy option to opt out she deserved to be famous and her dad deserved to watch that from a better place where he is now. The memory came uninvited; one from the past, while she was younger and without a lot of experience which she has now and with a memory a young girl. While the well-known melody was playing; the girl and a woman, both with the same name and the same goal to make their father happy were dancing like never before…


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